Our Bamboo Comb Honey is ready!

2015-09-10 012 (640x480)

September is one of my favorite months of the year. The crisp evenings, fall colors starting and the wonderful aroma of the fallen leaves and the goldenrod honey coming from the hives. We plan to start our fall harvest about September 20th. There will be a good supply of our smooth and  creamy goldenrod/aster honey, strained and raw un-strained and some cut comb.. We should also have a good supply of dark bamboo honey both liquid and comb .

I harvested a few supers of bamboo ( Japanese Knotweed) comb honey from our apiary here in Virgil, New York yesterday.( Pic above) The flavor is bold, rich and sweet. Some think it has chocolate overtones.  It is a very unique dark honey and is one of our favorites.

During the warmer months of the year ( we have 6 of them here 🙂 ) we do not ship any comb honey as it is very fragile. It is available at our honey stand here in Virgil and at our merchants by request.

During the winter months, we plan to offer it  from our online storefront.