RAW Linden/Basswood honey 24 pound pail


Raw Linden/basswood honey 24 lb pail

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Our Raw Linden/Basswood Summer Wildflower Honey has a more liquid consistency when compared to our raw fall honey.It has a delightful mild, slightly minty flavor,  and aroma. The floral source is predominately linden (basswood). It does contain some of the following floral nectars that are in our  liquid summer wildflower honey:

Russian olive, black locust,clover, yellow rocket, apple blossom, blackberry and raspberry, birdsfoot trefoil ,clover,milkweed and spotted knapweed.

We have about 30 different apiary locations and each has a different mix of flowers. Each harvest may have a slightly different flavor, due to the nectar mix collected by the bees.

This product is NOT STRAINED and has NEVER BEEN HEATED. It contains small pieces of beeswax cappings, propolis and pollen. These hive products usually float to the top and can be consumed as is. It also contains natural raw enzymes created by the bees as they change the nectar into honey.

24 pound pail.

Weight 480 oz
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 12 in

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